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Feb 12 '19 at 11:34


Okay so I gave them three stars and that's because I like going to the casino I do have fun with going I always play the games but I seem to never win that's why they got three stars other than that did you get perks sometimes they give me free food sometimes I get free money for food sometimes I even get free money to play have a good days and you have your bad days sometimes I go in there hey I win anywhere between 50 to $800 but then you have your bad days pretty much you go in there and you lose every penny you have so it just depends maybe you should go have fun try it have a free drink which is mostly water or sodas but they do have alcohol to if you want to buy that and they do promote a lot promotions as far as winning free cash I haven't been so lucky but I know a few people that have if you want just to get away just for an hour or two which ends up being 10 hours after being there for so long you don't even realize it because that's how much fun you're having stop in shoot some dice play some cards take a spin on the roulette wheel Majestic Star is the place to go