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Feb 25 '19 at 5:03

I definitely would not recommend coming here. What a joke! We walked in paid the cover charge, which is no big deal. The cover was $55/person. Then we went to the bar to get drinks. $38 later and only 2 drinks mainly soda we decided maybe getting a bottle would be better. While sitting their a local came up to us and informed us that it was hospitality night and drinks were free. I also checked the web site and it was true. So we asked if we could get recieve free drinks and we were told to get a hustles card at the front. We then went to get cards but were told were not locals so we couldn’t. Yet the website does not say “locals only”. We then asked one bar tender about a bottle and one said it was $500 and another said it was $400. We decided to leave and we got a ride over to the Rhino and we had a blast for a quarter of the price. I definitely recommend the Rhine over the Hustlers!