Jackpot Buffet Jackpot Buffet
Restaurant @ Meskwaki Bingo Casino Hotel
"shawn knepp"
We love this place. Never had a bad experience. Except today. All you can eat seafood. I got a plate full of crab legs and they were literally still frozen inside . And I did not notice until I took a bite. Lost my appetite for it right then. I called a waitress over and she broke open a few of them and said wow they are supposed to be hot. I chuckled and said ya I'm done. I can not eat this. I had a piece of apple pie. Extremely expensive pie. Was a little shocked the waitress did not offer my money back or anything. And you pay for there tip before you even get to eat. So all in all. I spent over $200 on this room. $55 on dinner. And hundreds on the casino floor. So beyond this we have had great experiences at this place normally. But it was the only bad part of it all. The night was great. The next day was great.