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Aug 7 '18 at 21:06

Isaac Nelson

Mortlake Racecourse

Isaac Nelson
I left a review a while back and think it wasn’t understood as I used some incorrect words for the squads. The ‘Learn to row’ group was fantastic. The coach was encouraging, patient yet pushed people to their limits both on the water and in tank and circuit training. At the end of the course we had the opportunity of going onto the men’s or women’s development squad. The coach was a guy far, far too full of himself & moody. The first morning began with his life story of being in the army and how he was now such a successful consultant (think in IT). He shouted too much and his energy just took the enjoyment out of the sport. I just had to leave and joined another club which was really disappointing as the clubhouse was great, sociable, hot showers etc. The impact of one person was a real downer. He didn’t even seem to enjoy coaching. I think he gave me a compliment once and I nearly fell out of the boat. Perhaps he’s not there anymore. If not and he’s been replaced by someone positive, well, that would make a huge difference. RESPONSE: Yep, I have the right club. I grew up in Mortlake. I only said one person was moody and yes, it was a long time ago. I was just stating a fact of the impact of one person, the rest of my review was positive.