Riverview Coffee Company Riverview Coffee Company
Restaurant @ Tropicana Evansville
"Elaine Whitmire"
Let me start by telling you...I really liked having a casino near me because playing the slots is what I enjoy for my entertainment.I have been going to this establishment since May 2010. I go every weekend and sometimes during the week. But I am very disappointed in the way this place shows their gratitude to customers that spend so much money here. I think they need to reevaluate the way they calculate points for your comps. Regular customers should be treated better. Mine have just been dropped so low that it gives me no motivation to want to spend my hard earned money in a place that doesn't appreciate my business. I am going to start going out of town where they treat me better! I am very close to a Black card holder..which I was for a long time! I thought things would be better after the new owners took over..but I was very wrong. I am very disappointed in this place!! Thank you Tropicana for treating your Great Customers so Crappie!! My rant is over!!