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"My Family's World"
My room was clean everywhere but the comforter on the bed wasn't washed between guests. Ours had stains and what looked like frosting smeared on it but the the sheets were clean and the beds were comfortably. The room had been updated recently. At check in the desk agent said the hotel is haunted but hadn't heard anything about our room, 106. We didn't have any other options for hotels in Ely since everywhere was sold out so we took it. I felt fine in the room but my husband got creepy vibes and so did pur daughters. He was awakened in the middle of the night by something touching his arm and the hair was standing straight up. He said it was very cold in front of him even though the room was at a comfortable temperature and he wasn't by the window. He was awakened again but this time with pressure on his legs like something was sitting at the foot of the bed. My daughter woke up with an ice cold face even though she was warm in her blankets next to me and her sister. She said she saw a shadow move in the bathroom in the morning. My oldest was on the side of the bed by the wall and she felt like something was next to her at some point in the night. My husband said he was wide awake after being awakened twice and felt like something was in the room with us the whole time... also we heard what sounded like someone trying to.open our door with their key card not working or just trying to open it without one randomly throughout the whole time but I don't think it was anything living. Nice enough stay if you don't mind ghosts!