Arizona Room Patio Grill Arizona Room Patio Grill
Restaurant @ Casino Arizona
"The Four Trust Company"
I previously reviewed Casino Arizona and said: Nice casino, plenty of parking, helpful staff. I've won several times at this casino, odds seem decent. As of today, Feb 20, 2019 I am updating my review. Casino Arizona appears to have changed their payout structure. You play slots and it will appear as though you are "winning" but when the "PAYOUT" for your "WIN" is LESS THAN YOUR BET, then it's not really a "WIN" it just means YOU LOST LESS. Hello people, it's still a loss! What, do you think I'm an idiot? I will be, if I ever go back. Wonder if that's even legal. Ultimately, in my humble opinion these multi-billion dollar casinos have decided that's not enough and are trying to take more of your hard earned money. TAKES ALL THE FUN OUTTA THE GAME.