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Feb 24 '19 at 17:29

Cindy Delor

Cindy Delor
I went for the soap opera festival for y&r. Except for the fact that I missed out on meet & greet, it was the most enjoyable time I have had in years! I played slots before and after the show and only quit because my stomach was drowning out the noise from the machines. I took a chance and went to Final Cut and was told it was a 45 min wait, he advised if I didn't mind and since I was alone my chances to get a spot at bar. I only waited about 5 minutes. The food was exceptional and so was the service that I topped about 25%. I then hit the dollar slots and proceeded to give back any gains I had made. I only gamble what I am prepared to lose. I figured, all in all I gambled over 7 hours, didn't come home with a jackpot but still felt like a winner. Everyone there was #1 in providing exceptional service and take that from someone who trained representatives in customer relations for a living. Great job, Great evening. I will be back!