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Oct 12 '18 at 23:24


Melissa Korbe
What’s going on at Lombard’s? We used to love coming in for salad and potato bar but the salad bar is garbage now. We shouldn’t need to call ahead to ask the condition of the lettuce but that’s where we’re at… or where we were at when we were still eating there. The iceberg mix is not edible. Go ahead and look now. It’s likely freshly refilled with new wet, limp… stuff. It looks like it’s gotten too cold and the leaves are damaged. The mixed greens are always soft but at least they don’t look spoiled. Frankly, it’s insulting as a paying customer, to watch someone from the kitchen come out to inspect the salad bar and then walk away satisfied as if he would eat that himself. Kevin, Jim and Kat used to go out of their way to make sure everyone felt taken care of while (most, but not all of) the current staff give the impression that they’re there to serve food. That’s fine, especially since you’re in the business of serving food. But it’s not what we came to love about “salad and potatoes.” And now that a decent salad is out, so are we.