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Nov 18 '18 at 18:05
It was my first time going to One Fire Casino and i will be honest i wasn't expecting much for the size if it ( i am used to going the Hard Rock) but i was in town and said what the heck lets stop and check this place out ( i had a friend with me ) it was on a Wednesday night and it started off slow the friend i was with or myself didn't have much luck the he sat down at a quarter machine and low and behold it started paying out not anything big no jackpots but it was paying (and after being there for a couple of hours with no luck any payout was good) so i walked around some trying to figure out what i could play that may payout for me i played a few more machines with no luck so i went back to see how my friend was doing and he was still there playing and was up a lot more then i thought he would be , so i sat down at the machine behind him and started playing it ( by now we had been there about 3 hours and i was ready to cut losses and call it a night) i was down to my last bit of money ( under 100) i put it all in that machine and started playing with the max bet ( i am a max bet player) of 3.60 not sure what this game was all i knew to do was keep hitting the max bet button, then it happened i got the BONUS ROUND still not sure what it was doing on the screen but it didn't take me long to figure out that it was going to be a good bonus round 😀just one spin hit for 189.00 and i still had 22 more spins( it hit more free spins during the bonus) to go needless to say i hit it big ( no,no jackpot ) I WAS ONE HAPPY GAMER WHEN I LEFT WITH CASH IN MY POCKET, MY FRIEND ALSO WALKED OUT WITH CASH IN HIS POCKET (not as much as me but he was happy) I HAVEN'T HAD A CHANCE TO GO BACK BUT I DEFINITELY WILL NEXT TIME I'M DOWN IN THAT AREA 😀