Goldies Restaurant
Restaurant @ Goldie's Shoreline Casino
"Bryant Ho"
This is my favorite place too, i’d like to come play and drink and have fun. Today I come in play and I bought in $1600 and I play I was lucky get my money back. So I have only two drink, I see one of my buddy he sit at the bar and I told him I will buy him a drink, but in one of Bartender her name is Summery what ever her name is. I was order the drink and she look at me and walk away and she come back and I just remind her what drink I need to get but she told me if I repeat myself again and she will not going to service me is that B.S. I heard a lot of customer complain about her Rude to them. Because I stayed up for my sale what is right, I think she should not work there at all.