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Jan 15 '19 at 3:37

Gold Cup Buffet

My wife and I had our wedding at Vernon downs. From the start we were very happy with all of the staff as they were very accommodating and very generous. On the day of our wedding we found out that the wedding coordinator was not able to make it and my wife was told that it was because his father was in the hospital and not doing well. My wife cried her eyes out in sympathy for everything he was going through. We then had a new person thrown into the mix that was terrible to work with. Upon check out our bill had an additional $1,000 in charges and the front desk could not tell me where they came from, but expected me to pay. I called later to go pick up our wedding cake as we specifically pulled the replacement coordinator aside and asked that the remaining cake be set aside so we could wrap it for our 1 year anniversary. After a couple days I finally got a call back that they couldn’t find the cake but would follow up with the coordinator to figure out what happened. It has been almost 2 months and still haven’t received the replacement wedding cake that we were promised. To make matters worse we now just found out that our wedding coordinator was not at the hospital with his “dying father”, he was actually in jail for a disgusting crime, because he was arrested the morning of our wedding. We went from being very satisfied to being extremely disappointed and would never recommend Vernon Downs due to the lying, throwing out the wedding cake and the billing issues and the front desks lack of ability to solve the issue.