Angelina Sassone
Humboldt County Fairgrounds
Ferndale, California
"Angelina Sassone"
We really enjoyed our trip to this fair. Smaller town feel but with larger town amenities and rides. Great mix of local farm feel and big city. Great indoor and outdoor shopping selection too for the fair goers who don't enjoy the rides. Also clean enough indoor bathrooms. We went on a Wed evening at 6pm and it was perfect timing, no waits or crowds. We closed the fair at 10pm and that was plenty of time to utilize our two $35 all day pass braclets for the kids and one $30 for 30 tickets pack for us adults to split. Unlike a previous post mentioned, kids do not get in free after 3pm on weekdays, only 5 and under get in for free. There was lots of fried food and sweets outside and a great specialty selection of snacks, treats and shopping inside. The inside and some outside food booths closed down at 9pm so make sure to get your purchases in before then. The weather is usually a bit chilly and foggy but perfect for a fun night of running around playing. We were a bit disappointed the light house was not lit on the night we went like some of the review pictures showed. We also wished the water balls and rock climbing didn't cost extra money but it was a fun splurge. We were impressed with the kindness, helpfulness and smiles of some of the ride operators as well as the security guard. We would definitely recommend putting this event on your calendar!