Four Winds Casino South Bend
South Bend, IN
Question to owner or whoever is able to answer. My friends went there and have 2 people that said they hit a winning symbols on a paid betting line and did not get paid due to machine not being a bingo. I was under assumption that if the payline stops on let's say 3 symbols that you got pay for what's posted on machine. Is this true that you can hit winning line and not be paid due to bingo card? Update: the response I got below does not answer the question at all . 3 symbols on a paid line says right on machine pays 650 for example . If 3 symbols come up it says it's supposed to pay 650. Says and shows it right there in giant words and pictures. What they are saying is the machine did not bingo so they did not get paid. By avoiding answering it is apparently true. Gamblers beware!!