Anthony Holmes
Akwesasne Mohawk Casino Resort Akwesasne Mohawk Casino Resort
Hogansburg, New York
"Anthony Holmes"
With the calculations of all the times I have went you lose and most of the big winner's that you see on posters that they have never tell you when they actually won. Which means I know one guy who was on one of the posters and he won several years ago. More then 10 yrs ago. So all the hub bub about this place they take more of your money then you'll ever win. But other than that the games are fun to play that's all. I just went tonight and there wasn't many people there at all maybe about 20 people so of course the casino isn't making no money so they set up all the games to lose. So they can get there revenue on employee and other expenses lose. So honestly it's all a scam bc they never let people win big by setting it up on everyone that goes. It's all just to spend money to have fun on games that you could play games at home and have the same fun but at least keep your money. If you want to lose big all the time then go have fun playing games. That's all you would be doing.