Aliante Casino Hotel Aliante Casino Hotel
North Las Vegas, Nevada
This Hotel/Casino is a great place to stay in Vegas for the price. It has a good food court on the main/casino level. There are other restaurants on that main floor too, including a buffet that is decent. The buffet has theme nights with a great deal on shrimp and prime rib on the weekends. The rooms are good, although in some rooms, the thermostat does not work and the water in the shower will only get so hot. The parking lot is large, and there always seems to be plenty of vacant parking spots. With that said there are two parking lots a Casino Lot and a Hotel Lot, the Hotel Lot is usually full and the Casino Lot is where most of the available parking is. The two lots are close enough together, but it appears casino patrons park in the Hotel Lot and not the Casino Lot. The valet service is kind and generous; they are always out in front of the Hotel entrance waiting either to help you with your luggage or to get the door for you. I have never used the pool, but it looks refreshing. Guest Services and the front desk is good and friendly. If you book your reservation through the Aliante website and not through a third-party website then canceling your reservation is easy.