Restaurant @ Wildwood Casino
"Elaine whyte"
Horrible, the servers do not wash their hands before serving food. This server came back from her lunch break, came in the store and slapped her hands in a gloves without washing it. I told her to please wash her hands and she did. While my bread was being toasted, she went to the cash register to cash with that gloves on, then she used the same dirty gloves she cashed in to put the veges on my toasted bread. I told her no way and she was very apologetic. However, this is the second time in 1 mth i had to tell this same young lady to wash her hand. Evrn though she was quite respectful when i corrected her, im not sure that they are practising cleanliness when cutting these veges and preparing the food behind closed doors. Subway, tell your workers to hand the food with cleanliness. This is the only problem ive had with them so far. They are very friendly but handles the food very nasty.