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Nov 15 '18 at 20:28

Wicked Good

Ok heres the deal. Me and the mrs have now both got food poisoning here. First was me a few months ago...got the mussels and linguine seasonal special. They tasted off but not enough to raise concern. Spent the next 36 hours in pain. Left a message with management and emailed; both got no response. Last night we tried to go to fred and steves, but they closed early because it was slow. We were starving so we gave wicked another go. The bar staff is great. Mick, tony and candace do a great job. But my god i have no idea what kind of drugs whoever is in charge of the menu is on. My girl got the beef stroganoff and i had the chicken and waffles. The chicken was cooked perfect but that and the waffle was extremely greasy. The waffle was almost saturated with oil. The stroganoff she said was fine but since then has been incredibly sick. This was the only meal all day that we didnt eat the same thing; theres no way it was anything else that did her in. The leftovers smell like vomit today. Again, left a message for management but i dont expect a reply. If you need to eat here like we did, stick to sandwiches and eat at the bar. Next time were going to sbarro. Absolutely pathetic.