Concession Stand Concession Stand
Restaurant @ Alameda County Fairgrounds
"Carl Kleine-Weischede"
The Chinese Lantern Festival 2019 is held at this Fairgrounds with lots of dazzling and glittering lights. The giant dragon with its head moving to and fro welcomes you at the main entrance bringing in China culture and a lot of interesting history. Everything is fantastic, well done! Pricey entrance fees though.. for a family of four you spend more than hundred dollars but I think it’s all worth it because there are gorgeous displays to look around and kids enjoy all the inflatables, mini golf, dinosaur rides, acrobat shows and the gorgeous lanterns! Lots of souvenirs to buy and food is all around, you can spend a lot of money here.. Parking is not a problem, ample space for visitors. Rest rooms are always cleaned. Worth visiting , great Asian experience!