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Feb 24 '19 at 2:17

Black Oak Café

Had lunch at The Mill. Seated right away. Waitress finally came to get our drink order. Took almost 10 minutes to receive our two Pepsi's. Ordered our sandwiches and watched some b-ball on the big screen. Still waiting for food 20min, b-ball over, now watching hockey, still waiting for food. It's sandwiches, how long can it take?! Watching hockey, "oh look, our food" Nope! Finally get our food, it's tasty, fries are kinda cold, can't get our waitresses attention as she chats with coworkers, need a Pepsi please! Finally she's coming our way. Yes! My foods gone, but I gotta wash it down. Forget it, I'll stop at the fountain, she ain't coming back. Most staff need training in customer service!