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Mar 3 '19 at 2:53
Grand Victoria Buffet

Grand Victoria Buffet

Ian Mendez
The staff are professional, drink prices aren’t crazy, and even for the non-gambler, the boat is just pretty to see on the river. Now here’s the good, bad, and the ugly: Good: Nice selection of restaurants, both in and around the area of downtown Elgin - it’s a neat place with a lot of history and do yourself a favor to visit when it’s warmer to experience it. There are plenty of tables with competitive minimums for black jack and roulette. Bad: Being at Rivers versus Grand Victoria is night and day when it comes to the people gambling. If you’re depressed, don’t come here. If you’re with a beautiful woman, don’t come here. If you’re anyone who just needs to spend money to be around people, a normal bar would definitely be a better place. Ugly: Some of the people are very territorial on which machine, seat at a table, or even if you’re sitting next to them at a slot machine - all superstitions are on full blast. Very uncomfortable atmosphere for the party I had brought. Perhaps in the middle of winter, the Grand Victoria doesn’t have the same charm it may possess in the warmer times of the year.