Stephanie Nelson
Delaware Park Racetrack, Slots and Golf Delaware Park Racetrack, Slots and Golf
Wilmington, Delaware
"Stephanie Nelson"
Before you step into the Delaware Casino and play slots be prepared to be humiliated and accused of taking someone else’s ticket from the machine. This happened to my friend yesterday and she was detained until she gave them $97 and claimed to have footage of her taking the ticket . So after I asked them to show footage and told they can’t show her this I got upset and asked to leave. I’ve never been so disgusted . They are the thieves and should be prosecuted and I’m sure there are more victims. He wouldn’t even tell her which machine she was on , took a picture of her license , phone number and he took a picture of her on his cell phone like she was a common criminal. We were having a great time until that happened but it will be the last time we go there.