The Springs Restaurant
Restaurant @ Kootenai River Inn and Casino
"BB Thax"
Sweet little place, very friendly staff, food is good, but not what you'd expect from a restaurant on the river with a pretty view... I'd expect more flavor, it's pretty bland. I even asked for bread rolls once when I was there and they brought out bland tasting rolls that hadn't been warmed up. The butter wasn't very soft either. I felt like they had just gotten a big bag of rolls from the store and just tossed them straight in a basket when a customer asked for them. I've worked at restaurants before, I know how a lot of the food comes to the restaurant and how it's prepared, but the customer should get the feeling that the food they're getting is actually prepared FOR them. It feels lazy in the experience in the sense that I could just go down the road to the grocery store, buy a bag of bulk rolls and eat it straight out of the bag.... that's the sense I was getting at the restaurant.