Alan Rau
Seven Clans Casino Thief River Falls
Thief River Falls, Minnesota
"Alan Rau"
They have remodeled the rooms and I must say they are much better then before. They only grip on the room was that the fireplace didn't work and smelled of gas. Maintenance came and shut off the gas, but didn't fix it. I know its 1st world problems, but when that's what your paying for it should work. The room was nicely decorated and the king size bed was comfortable. It also had ample space. The restaurant we visited was a buffet, the food was mediocre, but when your hungry it fits the bill. Not much on variety and a small salad bar. The casino I stayed out of, the smoke was so thick it was hard to breathe. The entrance is not closed off with a door which makes all of the common places in the hotel stink of stale smoke. Unfortunately this is a huge turnoff to those who choose not to smoke. The water park was nice and fairly well maintained, stay away from the doors on the east side in the winter months because they leak expensively and dont close properly causing a large draft.