Sabvina Cruz
Choctaw Casino Resort Choctaw Casino Resort
Durant, Oklahoma
"Sabvina Cruz"
I would like to review my most recent and ongoing stay. I just arrived today but it is not my first time here at Choctaw. I have always been treated very well here and it’s why I keep returning. But this time around, on my first night here in this recent stay, I lost my cellphone in The District. I didn’t realize it until I was on the other side of the casino that I must have left my phone at the games I was playing. I immediately went back and couldn’t find my phone so I had to ask around and a young woman working at The District called lost and found but they hadn’t found it. Then she let me call my phone to only find that the line was busy and then my phone got turned off and I obviously went into full panic mode. I didn’t have another phone on me and I didn’t even know my own room number. So, I went and asked the security and an officer, Brad Clements, came with me to look and when we didn’t find it we got help from the young girls working at The District tonight to figure out what games I had played and when. He called the surveillance people and then they started looking at footage. I came back up to my room and an hour later I got a call from Mr. Clements to my hotel phone that they had found my phone so to go down to the hotel main desk. I would really love to thank everyone who had a part in finding my phone. I would love to give everyone a hug right now as I am writing this because I am so grateful but didn’t wanna be a weirdo. But I am beyond grateful. I wish y’all the absolute best and many blessings. Y’all went out of your way to help me in my time of need and I hope that y’all will be repaid. Thank you. Thank you to all the staff at Choctaw for always making my stays here amazing! - Sabvina Cruz