URComped Top 5 Slot Jackpot Videos of the Week! February 27th 2017!

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Welcome back to another installment of URComped Top 5 Slot Jackpot Videos of the Week.


This week we have another great list so lets jump right in!


Number 5 this week comes from CasinomanNJ.  He captured a great bonus on 5 Frogs. This is a great video with a retrigger!



Number 4 this week is from Slot Traveler.  He was able to get a huge bonus win on Guardians of the Galaxy!



Number 3 comes from Jackpot King. This is a first for the Top 5.  I am going to show his latest collection. It features a few videos of some great Jackpots! He has been busy lately!!







Number 2 is normally enough for the top spot. Blueheart hit a ridiculous hit on The Walking Dead 2. He is making a solid living on this game, he has captured the most amazing wins on the game. This one is no different!



Number 1 is a ridiculous bonus from Nuncha Jean. a $60 bet is crazy enough, but on China Shores, would you have the guts to take the credit prize over 135 free spins at that bet?  They do!  Check this insane win!


Tune in next week for an all new UrComped Top 5 Slot Videos of the Week! Be sure to check your offers and take advantage of the great new deals! Also check out our Youtube meet up on April 6-8 in Las Vegas! Sign up to attend all of the fun!