Comped Questions with Craig Vol 7.

Do I need Travel Insurance for my comped trip?

Does URComped sell Travel Insurance? Should I get travel insurance even though there's not cost my trip? Do I still need travel insurance? Yes, Now we do offer travel insurance. We partnered with this company, Going forward, every confirmation email you get will have a link to They look at the best travel insurance options for your trip to present to you, and then you pick whichever one you want.

With regards to why would you should get insurance if it's a comped trip- we asked the our Comped Travelers Facebook Group. A lot of people responded with personal stories where travel insurance saved them. Some examples included flight issues, travel issues, and medical issues. 

If you choose to go through, You put the cost of your trip at 0$.

For more information on and to receive quotes for your booking today, please visit our Travel Insurance partner at  

Learn more about Travel Insurance for Comped Travelers.

Do casinos penalize your comps when you win?

The answer is no! There are two things that that your offers are dictated by according to the rules that the cruise lines and casinos have set for us.

The first one is Actual (how much a player actually wins or loses). So for one trip it could be a big win, and for another trip it could be a big loss, or break even. Actual is very volatile, so in order to have a more consistent number the casinos also use a second dictator for your offers.

The second is Theoretical (Average Bet X Time Played X the Odds of game/ House edge).

Again, if you win, does it penalize you? No, it doesn't, but if you win (we hope you do), then the casino has to look at your theoretical instead. So lets say you won $5,000, but only played for an hour. Your theoretical will be super low, and your comps will not be that great. But If you won $5,000 and you play for long period of time, your theoretical could be 6,000 and your offers will be amazing going forward.

If you lost, then typically the casino will look at your actual loss instead of theoretical, because if you lose really fast (ex: 2 hours), then your theoretical will be low.

This is the same as the URComped system. We look at both, and whichever one gives you the best offer is the one that we'll use.

After your trip, the casinos will not go back to adjust your play. Really, the next day, it's tough to adjust anything. So a good tip, if you're a table player, it's a good idea to make friends with the Pit Boss and ask what they have your average bet and time played rated.

Why can URComped get me an upgrade sometimes and sometimes they can't?

It depends on supply and demand. Sometimes we'll get a rate sheet where the balcony ends up being cheaper than the ocean view and the inside. There's a lot that goes on behind the scenes. On the retail side, they will always price the balconies more expensive then the inside. But when they've got this big supply a balcony cabins, they go to the casino and give them to us to fill them. Then on our side, the balconies will be less expensive. It's weird how it works, but sometimes the upgrades are just available. On the back end, they're just trying to fill cabins with players and fill rooms. There is no chart that lays it out, so sometimes we're able to get upgrades. We're always going to try, but sometimes they're just not available or they're super expensive.

Why doesn't URComped work with certain land based casinos in certain states?

There's different regulations in every jurisdiction. We're licensed in a lot of different jurisdictions. Some jurisdictions are very expensive to get licensed, some of them have crazy hoops you have to jump through to be able to do business there. Depending on how much demand we feel like we would be able to generate somewhere determines if we're going to jump through those hoops. The Bahamas was difficult to get licensed in, but Bahamas is someplace where we felt like it was worth doing. Some states are just a lot easier to do business and others aren't and that kind of determines where we have offers.

How does URComped get paid?

URComped gets paid from the casino. Generally, we're paid based on theoretical. So if we send somebody on a cruise that doesn't play at all, we don't get paid. But if somebody plays and wins a lot, they generate a lot of theoretical, then we get paid based on that. 

Not sure what URComped is?

URComped works with Casino Partners to give Qualified Members new offers (comps) to Caribbean Resorts and Cruise Lines that they have never been to/ played at before. Think you may be qualified?? SIGN UP (ITS FREE)  upload offers that you've received from either land based casinos or cruise lines to see what NEW COMPS you qualify for!