Casino Comp Questions with Craig Vol 16.

How do I get future cruise credit if I have a comped cruise?

 I have a fully comped cruise, how am I getting the FCC (future cruise credit)? In the case of a fully comped cruise, you would be refunded your tax and port fees. If you didn't pay any money in the cruise fare, then there wouldn't be any future cruise credit to receive. If you paid for a third or fourth guest or paid the upgrade your cabin,  those costs would be cruise fare, and that would be an option for you to take for rebooking.

Is it risky to book a cruise sailing right after the cruise ban is lifted?

We do not think it is "risky," because if the cruise is canceled, they're just going to refund your money again. The cruise lines are only going to reopen the cruise if they feel it is totally safe, so I wouldn't say there's a health risk. There's no risk on the cruise fare, because if they cancel it then they'll just refund you the money. The only risk would be hotel or flight reservations. So we recommend looking at their cancellation policies before you book, but if you're in a drive market, just booked the cruise because if it cancels, then you'll get your money back.

Can I re-book my Prime cruise if it was affected by the COVID-19 cruise ban?

Some people booked their prime cruise in March-April during the COVID-19 cruise cancellation period. So if your prime cruise got canceled you can use it again. All the cruise lines are adopting a very customer friendly approach. If your prime cruise got affected, you will be able to use it.

Not sure what URComped is?

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