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Apr 27 '20 at 19:57
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MSC Voyager's Club Casino Program

It has been an absolute pleasure to be partnered with MSC Cruise Line. Craig Shacklett, URComped CEO, interviews MSC's Casino and Business Development Manager, Neil Gumbs, to learn more about MSC's casino program. How do comps and certificates work, MSC's plans for expansion, status match, and incentives to rebook are a few of the topics discussed.

Whether you've experienced MSC or haven't yet, here are some common questions that we've received and got answers for.

What is the casino experience like with MSC?

(1:57-3:08) MSC's casinos are top-of-the-line. They have a nice European modern design. They have a wide variety of slots with all of the denominations, and they are always refreshing their slots so you can walk in and see the newest games. They have good product table games and types. They allow all the side bets on their games and even single, zero roulette for those who prefer a European- style roulette.

Outside of the casino, what is the atmosphere on MSC cruises like?

(3:10- 4:38) MSC is a global cruise line. They go to over 200 different destinations and carry at least 180 different nationalities thus the ships have a very international atmosphere where everybody mixes together.

You'll feel the Mediterranean flair in which MSC is known for, as well as experience some of the best shows on the ocean. If you go on one of MSC's newest ships, such as the Bellissima, the Meraviglia, which sometimes sails from New York, then you can even catch the “Cirque du Soleil at Sea.” You can either do a dinner show or you can just go in there for a cocktail and the show itself.

How do comps work on MSC?

(4:47- 7:59) Similar to other cruise casinos, you use your room key, or cruise card when playing in order to track and accumulate points. MSC's average is $3.00= 1 point across-the-board. So on the slots, three dollars of coin-in, gives you one point.

If you earn 1200 points or more on a seven-day cruise, then you will automatically receive a voucher for thirty percent off a cruise, for your next cruise.

Once you reach 10,000 points, you're now into the cabin and stateroom categories. From there, the more points you earn, the higher cabin categories you get- all the way up to “Yacht Club” which is the premier cruising experience on MSC.

Something unique about MSC's certificates is that they aren't limited to a list of sailings. The certificates are for ten nights or less anywhere they sail. So you can choose from any itinerary with any destination on any ship unless the sailing is sold out. Plus, if you're comped, it's totally free! 

The motto with MSC, ”Free means free.” So once you receive an offer from URComped or you receive a certificate on-board from your play, then your cruise is absolutely free. MSC takes care of port fees and taxes

Is there a fee for pulling out money in MSC's Casino?

(8:00- 9:00) Pulling out cash in the casino or accessing money does not require a fee with MSC. When you use your cruise card, either by giving it to the pit boss at the tables or inserting it into the player tracking system on-board, there is no convenience fee. MSC doesn't charge for downloading funds onto the slot machine or buying chips at the tables.

Also, there is not a limit on the amount you can download or amount you can request, as long as you have it on your folio and have the funds available.

How do comped drinks work on MSC?

(10:02-10:41) Qualified URComped players who receive an offer from URComped to sail on MSC or a player who receives a certificate on-board, will qualify for complimentary drinks while they’re playing in the casino. Their guest will also receive comp drinks.

How does MSC determine future comps?

(11:15- 13:32) Your play on an MSC cruise will determine what level comp you will receive on your next MSC cruise. MSC, at the moment, has its On-Board Reward Program as part of the Voyagers Club Loyalty Program, which has many benefits including their status match.

MSC determines your future comps based on win-loss, average daily theoretical (ADT), and Average daily win. The MSC offers you see on your URComped "my offers" page will be reflective of your previous play with MSC.

How does MSC Status Match work?

(13:41- 15:51) If you are a frequent traveler and have a rewards card with any land-based casinos or other cruise companies, MSC will match that up to their equivalent status onboard prior to your sailing. Before you sail, you should go on to and click on “Voyagers Club” and sign up for the status match program in order to receive all of those benefits from when you first experience MSC. You'll send a photo of the reward card that you want to be matched with on MSC. ALWAYS use the highest tier card that you have.

Because of what's been happening lately, MSC has extended all ”Voyagers Club” player's tier status until December 2021.

So if you enrolled and your status expires in 2020, that's going to be extended to 2021, along with those who enroll in 2021, will be extended to 2022.

What kind of incentives is MSC offering to get people to re-book?

(15:51- 18:20) Instead of paying a $200 per person deposit ($400 total for a stateroom), which is refundable onboard their sailing, players now only have to pay $100 per person ($200 total for a stateroom) for the deposit.

For those who have had their cruises canceled, be sure to check out MSC's website for the most current travel updates and information regarding FCC, what can be refunded, how far out they can cancel if you're worried about a future cruise. Currently, in April 2020, MSC is offering 125% future cruise credit. Until the end of September MSC has the “Cruise Assurance Program” which allows guests to cancel 48 hours before sailing

Anybody books into a suite stateroom or above a suite or Yacht Club, will get free Wi-Fi

If players earned a comp stateroom certificate or an onboard certificate with a percentage off their next cruise and it’s expired now in 2020, MSC is extending expiration dates until the end of December 31st, 2020.

Does MSC give Win-Loss statements and W-2s?

(18:28- 19:03) MSC doesn't supply a win-loss statement or W-2s. So as a player, the burden is on you to track your wins and losses on MSC. But if you hit a jackpot over $1200, MSC doesn't do a W-2 form that you have to fill out. MSC stays out of the American tax system in regards to casino players.

Does MSC have plans to expand throughout the United States?

(19:10- 20:38) MSC has heavily invested in making Miami their US home. In the next couple of years, they’re going to be building their newest terminal which is going to fit two mega-ships on the same day. It's going to be the largest terminal in port Miami.

MSC is also looking at new destinations and new ports to embark in.

They did a few sailings last year on the “MSC Meraviglia” out of New York City and they have new sailings starting again out of New York starting September 22nd. At the same time, the MSC Armonia, which is currently in Miami, will relocate to Tampa and it’ll start doing 4-5 day cruises out of Tampa.

Not sure what URComped is?

URComped works with Casino Partners to give Qualified Members new offers (comps) to Caribbean Resorts and Cruise Lines that they have never been to/ played at before. Think you may be qualified?? SIGN UP (IT'S FREE) upload offers that you've received from either land-based casinos or cruise lines to see what NEW COMPS you qualify for! 



APR 28 '20
Yay Thank you MSC Because of what's been happening lately, MSC has extended all ”Voyagers Club” player's tier status until December 2021. So if you enrolled and your status expires in 2020, that's going to be extended to 2021, along with those who enroll in 2021, will be extended to 2022.


MAY 20 '20
Thank you for all this information! Going on Seaside in September and this is very helpful information! Doing yacht club and a great way to experience MSC for the first time. Also did our status match and it was a quick and easy process!! thank you URComped for all you do!


JUN 2 '20
Thanks for the info 🙏

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