MSC 2021 Meetup with URComped


Aug 26 '20 at 20:36
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MSC 2021 Meetup with URComped

URComped CEO, Craig Shacklett, sits with MSC Cruises' Head of Player Development, Neil Gumbs, to talk about URComped's MSC Meetup 2021, MSC becoming the first cruise line to sail after the ban and new MSC updates.

MSC Steps out

After, what seemed like, endless months of not being able to sail at all, MSC Cruise Line is now the first major cruise line to be back sailing in the Mediterranean.  They devised new health and safety protocols and ensured that all policies and procedures were put into place. Once they got the green light from the Italian government on August 15, 2020, their confidence level increased about getting back in the sea.

The MSC Grandiosa set sail on August 16, 2020. Within the Mediterranean, MSC has multiple embarkation ports meaning guests get onboard as the cruise continues. While the Grandiosa was in Civitavecchia, Rome more passengers joined the cruise as well as the other ports of call:  Genoa and Naples, Italy.

MSC is continuing to add more ships in the water including the MSC Magnifica which will sail from Bari,  Italy, on August 29, 2020 and take its passengers to Athens, Greece. They expect this cruise to follow the Grandiosa in being a complete success.

MSC Health Protocols

MSC has gone above and beyond to ensure their guests feel safe and comfortable onboard. On top of all the intense cleaning, any guests that are sailing will go through a rigorous screening before they can get on the ship.  The screening includes a temperature check, a questionnaire, and a rapid COVID test. Social distancing is implemented as well as masks being worn onboard.

URComped Meetup on the MSC Meravigila

 URComped has had an amazing relationship with MSC Cruise Line. We have scheduled an MSC Meetup Cruise onboard the gorgeous Meraviglia for July 10, 2021. It will be a 7- night cruise leaving from Miami. With stops in San Juan, St. Thomas, the Dominican Republic, and MSC's new private island Ocean Cay Marine Reserve, this cruise will be unforgettable. There will be cocktail parties, nightly raffles, a slot pull and other special events just for URComped members.

URComped CEO, Craig Shacklett, and MSC's Head of Player Development, Neil Gumbs, plan to be onboard to host this fantastic cruise. The two have hosted one of URComped's record-breaking meetups onboard the MSC Armonia 2019 New Years Cruise to Cuba. There were tons of URComped members onboard. The energy was phenomenal and the casino atmosphere was out of this world. 

MSC Updates

In other news, MSC is relocating the MSC Seaside to Port Canaveral! This will be a new addition to MSC's homeports in the USA. They are planning to start regular three and four-day sailings from Port Canaveral to add shorter itinerary options,  which will include a stop at Ocean Cay Marine Reserve.  The beautiful MSC Seaside is massive and will also do seven-night cruises as well. MSC's casino has a great selection of slot machines, table games, and some of the best-looking casino floors in the industry. The casino is thoroughly taken care of and there have been some exciting jackpots. Because MSC is a European based cruise line, they run on an honor system meaning... If you hit a jackpot, it is up to you to report it to the IRS.

Join the MSC Meetup July 10, 2020 on MSC Meraviglia

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