Celebrities Kicked out of Casinos


Jul 27 at 15:44
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Celebrities Kicked out of Casinos

More often than not, when a celebrity walks into a facility they will immediately get VIP treatment, attention, and maybe even be allowed to bend or break a few rules. However, casinos are more strict and will tolerate only so much. During our "Who wants to win Freeplay/Onboard Credit" game (played similar to Who wants to be a Millionaire),  the URComped team answers trivia questions about Celebrities kicked out of casinos. To join in on the fun, tune into our Facebook LIVE on Thursdays at 4:35 pm CST and put your answers in the comments for your chance to win Freeplay or onboard credit.

1. Former NBA player banned from multiple casinos

Allen Iverson has been kicked out and banned from multiple casinos from Atlantic City to Detroit for lack of proper gambling etiquette. “He is a bad loser, and he loses a lot,” says one report. 

2. Ben Affleck's Secret Skill

Ben Affleck, who once made over $1 million during two Vegas blackjack outings, was asked to leave the table when management noticed his profound counting abilities.

3. Underage Boy Band

One Direction once stayed at the Palms in Las Vegas. One Direction is from the UK, where the legal casino gambling age is 18. That could be the reason they didn’t care how Las Vegas’ legal gambling age is 21. Palms Management eventually kicked them out for underage gambling and drinking.

4. Banned from her Own Family’s Casino

In 2006, Paris Hilton had been playing poker at the family’s Las Vegas Hilton casino. She was eventually banned from her own casino on Conrad, her grandfather's, orders. He didn’t like that she was blowing a fortune on poker. One time, the socialite bet and lost her £175,000 Bentley during a high stakes game.  Paris was also barred from the Wynn Las Vegas and Encore casinos due to drug-related arrests.

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