Custom Excursions for URComped Cruisers


Jan 26 at 14:04
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Custom Excursions for URComped Cruisers

URComped is excited to announce a new partnership with Shore Excursions Group (AKA: Shoreex). This partnership will provide URComped members with access to a wide range of excursion options, all of which offer a guaranteed return to the ship, lower prices than what the cruise lines offer, and tours led by verified tour operators. In contrast to the cruise line tours that typically travel with more than 50 people per tour, the average tour size with Shoreex is only 12 people, offering a far more personalized and enjoyable experience.

One of the major benefits of this partnership is that Shore Excursions Group offers custom tours that are tailored to fit the specific itinerary of each guest's cruise. This means that URComped members can be sure that they will be able to find an excursion that fits perfectly into their schedule, without having to do the due diligence and worry about a tour lasting too long, or being too early or late for the allotted port time. Shoreex has never had a customer miss their ship, but in the extremely unlikely event that the guest misses their ship, Shoreex will arrange and pay for your accommodations, meals, and transportation to the next port of call, and will pay you an additional $1,000 USD per customer for the inconvenience. 

In addition to custom tour options, Shore Excursions Group also offers 24/7 customer service, which means that URComped members can contact them at any time with any questions or concerns they may have about their shore excursions. If for some reason the guest is not satisfied with the excursion they participate in, Shoreex offers a Money Back Guarantee- FULL REFUND. This level of customer service is truly unmatched in the industry and is a testament to Shoreex's commitment to providing its customers with the best possible experience.

Another great feature of this partnership is that URComped members will receive special offers and discounts on Shore Excursions Group's tours, making them even more affordable and accessible. “What if I find the same tour for a lower price?” Shoreex will match it! This is a great opportunity for casino players to experience all that the beautiful ports of call have to offer while saving money at the same time. 

Overall, this partnership between URComped and Shore Excursions Group is a win-win for everyone involved. URComped members will have access to a wide range of shore excursion options that are tailored to their specific cruise itineraries, while also receiving special offers and discounts. And Shoreex will be able to provide their customers with an even better experience than before, thanks to URComped's extensive network of casino players.

Can't wait to book your excursion?

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