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Mar 6 '23 at 15:18
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Mercy Ships & URComped

URComped is thrilled to be a partner with Mercy Ships by making a donation for EVERY trip booked. The relationship with Mercy Ships and URComped began in June 2019 and we look forward to seeing it grow more in the years to come. With over 80% of our business being with cruise lines, it was fitting to choose Mercy Ships as our Charitable Partner of Choice. The love and life-changing impact that they bring to ports are inspiring.

Mercy Ships is a global organization that started in 1978 and has been operating ever since. They own and operate the world's largest charitable hospital ship, based in West Africa. Their ship is completely staffed by volunteers. In fact, their volunteers not only volunteer their time and donate it, but they pay for the pleasure of working for Mercy Ships!

Mercy Ship's goal is to provide the highest level of health care to people that have little or no access to any type of medical care in their own country. They provide over 2,000- 2,500 free, life-changing surgeries every year. Not only that but the ship is utilized as a training platform in order to raise the level of healthcare infrastructure within the host country. This way the country does not become totally dependent on Mercy Ships and develops its own healthcare infrastructure.

Over the past 40 years, Mercy Ships has impacted the lives of over 2.6 million direct beneficiaries. They have delivered services valued at over 1.53 billion dollars US. Their goal is to grow their impact and serve even more people, not only annually, but also as a result of their training program.

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