Adrenaline rush without visiting the casino?

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If you’re thinking of making the leap into the Daily Fantasy world, then getting started at either FanDuel or Draft Kings is definitely the way to go. The thrill of sports, gambling and the fantasy world all roll into one to give you an experience you just won’t find anywhere else.

UrComped has partnered with the Top 2 Daily Fantasy Sports sites in the world, Draft Kings and FanDuel. Why? We’ve found that DFS provides a lot of the same adrenaline rush that we get from playing the casino, all from the comfort of our homes. These DFS games offer the chance to win Hundreds of Thousands, even Millions of dollars, with entry fees as little as $1.

Plus, it’s totally legal in the most of the U.S. so no you don’t have to worry about your money getting frozen like what happens in some online casinos.

Daily Fantasy Sports is not only the next big thing in the world of fantasy sports, but it’s also a burgeoning gambling entity. Combining the fun involved in fantasy sports, the excitement of playing for money and the convenience of being able to do everything from your computer or mobile device, DFS has already proven to be hugely popular with casinos players.   

One of the major selling points regarding Daily Fantasy Sports is that it’s essentially a new season every time you play. You no longer have to worry about a season long commitment like in classic fantasy sports, because you can draft a team of new players every single day. Kobe Bryant injured his elbow? No big deal, because you’re not stuck with The Black Mamba for the entire season. You can just draft your own team (or teams) sans Kobe and be on your way to big winnings.

Perhaps the biggest luxury of playing DFS is that you can do so from the comfort of your own couch. Don’t feel like driving to the casino? Just crack open a beer or pour a glass of wine and fire up your web browser instead. It’s incredibly easy and incredibly fun. You can do it every day, multiple times per day or take a break whenever you want. Daily Fantasy Sports puts exciting sports action in your hands, when you want it and at your pace.

Knowing and mastering DFS are both great ideas, but before you participate in DFS, you need to find out the best spot to play. The two most prolific names in the world of Daily Fantasy Sports are without a doubt Draft Kings and FanDuel.

Draft Kings, which is Boston-based and was founded back in 2012, offers games in a variety of sports. You can play any of the five “major” American sports, as they offer NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and PGA games. Need more? Well, they’ve got that covered, as well, with NASCAR, English Premier League soccer, UEFA Champions League soccer, Mixed Martial Arts and even college football and basketball. If you want a fantasy sport, chances are Draft Kings has it.

Draft Kings also has numerous options as far as the number of players in a particular game go. Some of their more massive games will have well over 100,000 entry spots, though you also have the ability to enter several different lineups yourself in some of them. 50/50 games are games in which 50% of the entry pool doubles their entry fee if they win, which is an excellent way to build bankroll. Head-to-head games operate similarly, and head-to-head games can go as high as a $10,600 entry fee to potentially win $20,000. Those are 50/50 odds at winning $20,000? Tough to beat that.

FanDuel is a bit different. They don’t have quite the same variety that Draft Kings does, as they offer only NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, college football and college basketball games. The in-game rules and scoring systems are also different between the two sites. For example, FanDuel deducts 0.25 points from a baseball hitter whenever he makes an out. Draft Kings, on the other hand, doesn’t punish batters for being retired. Obviously, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the scoring systems before diving in head-first.

Let’s also not forget the house take. These sites need to make money for themselves, you know. Let’s say, for example, you enter a $20 50/50 on Draft Kings. If you place in the top half, you’ll be winning $36 rather than truly doubling-up to $40. That’s because folks at DK take $4 of your entry as their cut for hosting the game. The house take tends to vary from game-to-game and site-to-site.

Daily Fantasy Sports are considered to be skill-based, which makes it “technically” not gambling. At least, that’s what they say. While not legally gambling, DFS certainly offers the rush that comes with gambling. Forty-five of the 50 states in the United States allow for skill-based gaming such as DFS. Residents of Arizona, Iowa, Washington, Montana and Louisiana are not eligible to open an account or win prizes on these kinds of websites. In other words, if you live in those states, you need to move.