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Editor's  note: This is a special guest post from Darryl McEwen. Noted casino afficianado and publisher of the Seven Stars Insider website and newsletter. We're honored to say that he's also a UrComped client.

  • Unhappy with your casino host?
  • Don’t have a host, but feel your level of play warrants one?
  • Want to visit a casino or take a vacation on a cruise ship line where you have no play “history”?

Consider contacting UrComped.   UrComped’s co-founders bring a unique perspective to the concept of independent casino hosts. CEO Craig Shacklett worked for Caesars Entertainment, as well as Norwegian Cruise Line.  Chief Technology Officer Cale Sherry brings years of experience developing software, as well as designing websites and mobile applications.

Plus, recognizing today’s casino players range from Millennials to Baby Boomers, UrComped offers a variety of methods to connect with the company, as well as book the many trips and experiences it offers.

For those comfortable with technology, UrComped’s interactive website is intuitive and easy-to-use.  It’s also packed with information, as well as answers to questions that many casinos and other independent hosts either won’t – or choose not to – address.

For example:

  • What is the typical expected play?
  • What is Average Daily Theoretical (ADT)?
  • What happens if I win?

Not comfortable with the online experience?  Pick up the phone or send an email.


UrComped can book you into more than 50 land-based casinos in the United States and Canada, an all-inclusive trip to a Caribbean resort, or a cruise on any of four major cruise lines.

In addition, UrComped offers a number of trips and experiences that are not available through other sources.  Among those are a swamp tour in conjunction with a stay at L'Auberge Casino Hotel in Baton Rouge, La., a jazz and blues tour in conjunction with a stay at the Ameristar Casino Hotel in Kansas City, Mo., and a night club experience in conjunction with a stay at the SLS Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.


So, is UrComped right for you?  Here are answers to some common questions you may have:

 I already have a host at the casino where I play most, but I’m not happy.  Can I switch to UrComped?  How does it work?

If you’re unhappy because you’re not getting free play offers you think you deserve, complimentary rooms, and invitations to parties, concerts and gift giveaways, there may be nothing your current host can do.  However, if your current host does not return phone calls, reply to emails, or consistently makes errors in booking overnight stays and events, then, by all means, consider UrComped.

How do I make the switch?

It’s simple.  Once UrComped books at least three trips for you, you are "coded" to their database. Or if it is your first trip in at least twelve months to a property, UrComped can become your coded host immediately.

After UrComped is coded to my account will they get credit for my play even if I don’t stay overnight and just come in for the day?

Yes, however, it’s probably a good idea to notify UrComped either in advance of your visit, during or soon after.  That way you can be sure UrComped gets proper credit and your play history is up-to-date.

 Is there any charge for this service?

There’s no charge.  UrComped is compensated by its partner casinos based on your play.

Will I still collect tier credits, earn comp dollars and receive cash back from my play?

Yes, you’ll still continue to earn any benefits you’d receive if an in-house host booked your trip or you booked it yourself.  Just be sure you insert your player loyalty club card in the slot machine or give it to the pit boss.


What about the level of service I can expect?  Wouldn’t I be better off working with a casino host who works at the casino I’m visiting?

According to several players and independent hosts I spoke with, you’ll get a level of service consistent with – and, many times, better than! – what an in-house casino host can provide.


I have a Total Rewards Seven Stars card.  One of the benefits is an annual trip which includes airfare, a hotel folio credit and other perks.  It has to be booked by a host.  Can an UrComped book this?

Yes, UrComped can perform all the same functions as your former in-house casino host.



Darryl McEwen is a communications consultant and recreational gambler residing in Wilmington, Del.  He writes the Mr. AC Casino column for the Atlantic City Weekly.  He also publishes the monthly Seven Stars Insider Newsletter.  Download the latest issue at his Web site, or request a free subscription by emailing  Follow him on Twitter at @7StarsInsider.


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