The Updated URComped Social App for iOS

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Have you ever gone to a casino or resort, had such an unbelievable experience, and wanted to let the world of players know? Casino connoisseurs can rejoice!  iOS users should download the BRAND NEW URComped Social app and post their experiences in real-time.

The URComped Social app is THE source for user submitted reviews, pictures, comments, suggestions and jackpots of your favorite casinos and resorts. The app gives players descriptions of the amenities at casinos and real user submitted reivews of each establishment.

URComped Social brings all levels of players together to review the places they visit, view how others rated their stay, search the site by casino to see reviews, and more.

The live Newsfeed gives you the most recent reviews and posts by real players just like you. Users can rate casinos, restaurants, even their specific room type and share with the URComped community. Like, comment, tag a friend, or share a video yourself. App users can even talk directly to players to ask questions about a specific place they went.

The Search gives connoisseurs the opportunity to search the site for any casino or restaurant and view all the information,photos, videos, and reviews available for that location so you know EXACTLY what to expect before you arrive. 

On the Create tab is where you can share your own experiences with the URComped comunity.

The profile icon is similar to that of other social media apps. This section shows personal information: like followers, who you’re following, your posts, and your reviews. It also shows what offers have been made to you.

Lastly, there is a notifications icon which shows your site interactions.

 It has never been easier to get a feel for place or plan your trip, because now you’ll know exactly what to expect. Casino-goers can feel like they’re playing with a stacked deck by getting honest feedback from like-minded, straight shooters. 

Download URComped Social from the App Store now!


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