Celebrity Cruise Casino discussion and new Comp offers

Earlier this year URComped CEO Craig Shacklett sat down with Jennifer Wengert from Celebrity Cruise Line to chat about new offers for URComped users.

Celebrity Cruise Line is a modern luxury brand in the upper echelon of the cruise sailing industry. It has a lot to offer from luxurious accommodations and stunning design to culinary excellence and unforgettable destinations like Bermuda. On the Bermuda cruises you get to start in Cape Liberty in the New York City area and then head down to Bermuda. What is unique about Celebrity Cruise Line is that once you reach Bermuda you get to have two full nights there instead of constantly sailing from port to port like most cruises. This way you have the opportunity to really absorb everything the island has to offer. The casinos also open while in port, so that’s another huge thing to take advantage of.

The casino itself is a full on Vegas style casino offering games like craps, baccarat, roulette, blackjack, and three-card poker. Brand new slot machines like the ones you would see in Vegas or Atlantic City are also available. The staff is super friendly, and really exciting promotions are going on every single day in the casino so you will never be bored. What’s not to love? Make sure to check out offers with Celebrity as well as with our other partners. You don’t want to miss out!