How Your URComped Offers Work and Where They Come From


Nov 13 '18 at 12:57
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How Your URComped Offers Work and Where They Come From

Let's say you just signed up on URComped! You go through our on-boarding process, which includes uploading your offers from previous casinos, and those offers rank you at an Ocean View Tier level in our system. Now you see offers from multiple cruise lines (A,B, and C) with a comped Ocean View Room.

Next, you book your first trip on Cruise Line A in an ocean view room. Whenever we send a reservation to any of the cruise lines we work with, they check their own database to see if you have cruised/played with them before. They do this because they are always going to trust their own, first-hand experience with you versus what we tell them. If they see you have played with them before, they will check your actual play, and it may improve or lower your offer with them. If you haven't played with them, they come to URComped and ask “has this player ever played on any cruises with you?" and "Do you have any actual play ratings that we can use?” Then we would respond, "no, this is a first time player." Next, we would use our algorithm, which our partners trust, to get you comped based on your uploaded offers, which in this example, is an ocean view room. Now you are booked at an ocean view with Cruise Line A. 

Let's say on the trip, you play at a balcony level (based on ADT, Trip Theoretical, and other numbers)...Now your offers from URComped will be updated to balcony level offers because of your actual play data from your trip.

On your next cruise, you book with us at a balcony level on a different cruise line, Cruise Line B, and for some reason on that trip, you don't play as much, and your actual play data on that trip puts you at an Inside Cabin Level.

There is now actual play data from two trips in URComped's system, one at a balcony level on Cruise line A  and the other at an inside cabin level on Cruise line B. Therefore, with Cruise lines you haven't been on (Cruise line C), your data averages out to Ocean View tier offers. So you book a trip with Cruise line C at an Ocean View.

NOW a good point to mention is your trip with Cruise Line B isn't going to affect Cruise Line A, because Cruise Line A is going to check your actual play within their database and still have you at a balcony offer level. This stays that way until you take another trip with Cruise line A, which may moves your offers up, down or keep them the same within that cruise line. This works the same with Cruise Line B, but you'll be ranked at an inside cabin level with them, because of your actual play. BUT, the good thing about URComped is, let's say on Cruise Line C you played at balcony level, your URComped host can go to Cruise Line B and vouch for you to get an upgrade based on the higher play we have from other trips in our system. With URComped, your host is going to try whatever they can to get you an upgrade or the best offer they are able to.

Once your in these other cruise lines'/casinos' databases, you probably will start to receive offers or certificates from that cruise directly. Those offers are in addition to URComped's offers for that cruise line, and we would love to book those offers for you, as well. If you get any offers directly from any cruise line, we will book them for you, and your host will use all the data we have to get you a comp upgrade. We love our loyal customers and want to keep booking you!

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OCT 20 '19
Makes sense. Thank you for this video.


MAR 3 '20
nice to know that once you are in the database, you can receive more. thx for breaking it down


MAR 14 '20
How often can yu get approved for a UR comped cruise? I normally sail w/ Royal, n have trips sched for June & Aug. When can I book a UR Comp Royal Cruise ? Also, I have an approved Celebrity Cruise in Nov. Can I redeem one before this ? And how soon after Nov can I book w Celebrity again ? Thk yu

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