The Lucky Bag Story


Feb 13 '19 at 21:44
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The Lucky Bag Story

Many URComped members have seen the Lucky Bag or at least heard of it, but do you know where it came from and WHY it's so lucky?

The Lucky Bag comes all the way from South Africa, where it was hand-made at Shwe, a program that trains and employs South African women to make a living wage creating gifts and accessories from recycled plastic. Yup! You heard that right. The inside lining of the bag is made from recovered plastic to reduce waste and landfill. You would never know that the foundation and lining of all the Lucky Bags and Shwe products are made from up-cycled billboards, tents and even cuts from car seat overs! Some trims have even been reclaimed from other old bags and goodies.

This South African social enterprise creates high quality gifts and accessories while doing good at the same time. Their mission is to create jobs and reduce waste to landfill. They work with a variety of projects within the community as well as NGOs in the Germiston area in order to help the community and create a real change to those that live there. They also work with women owned micro businesses at the Riversands Incubation hub near Diepsloot by assisting them with mentorship and giving them small business enabling tools and support required for the success of their own businesses. 

URComped has pledged to give back to our community and those who need a little help. We have partnered with Shwe to make our Lucky Bags, so every time you use a URComped Lucky bag remember you are saving the earth, helping empower female entrepreneurs, and hopefully bringing you a little luck in the casino! 

If you want to get your hands on your OWN lucky bag, be sure to jump on a URComped Meetup Cruise, where a URComped host will be bringing attendees their very own lucky bag :) 

Learn more about Shwe at



FEB 14 '19
Love this! I want a lucky bag even more now! I admire the way URComped supports such worthy causes!!!


FEB 15 '19
WOW i would love a lucky bag very cool story


FEB 15 '19
Love my Lucky Bag courtesy of URComped and Stephanie ??


FEB 15 '19
Omg! I love this. What a great cause. Now I just need a lucky bag.


FEB 16 '19
Sure wish my URComped cruise was a meet-up cruise! I just love the story of the bags.


FEB 19 '19
What a wonderful way for these women to earn a wage and give back to the communities as well as clean the environ ment. I will really appreciate and can't wait to get one of these bags.


MAR 15 '19
Awesome, I can't wait to get one!

Esther Stiles

OCT 24 '20
Love, love, love this special story! As a mom to 2 environmentalist sons, and Nana to 3 granddaughters, thank you for helping to preserve our planet, and empowering women! Awesome! I would love to have one...a great conversation starter when making new friends and sharing the story!

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