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The Postrio is a restaurant inside The Venetian Las Vegas Resort Hotel Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.
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man oh man oh man.... this place is sooo good. Its why I continue to go back. This time out I had some spicy tuna tartare to start and my friend had the truffel and bleu cheese home-made chips... delish! I had a few johnnie black and sodas then out came my striped bass (fish of the day) order over some delicious fresh veggies, some sort of mushroom sauce and a tad of potatoes.... man was this good... i actually ate the fish painfully slow, because I didnt want it to be all gone. Its like it wasnt fair that it was going to be gone in a few minutes - lol - I really wish I could afford to eat here every night -- and by afford I mean calories... that was my cheat meal of the week.... Silly diets :) But, I know I will go back because this place is just far too good not to. see ya soon Postrio.
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I had been meaning to check out the burger at Postrio, and I was already at The Venetian checking out the eternal twilight of Saint Mark's Square. This Wolfgang Puck establishment delivered the culinary equivalent of "bad touch" from mom's new boyfriend. I should have known that everything was going to go terribly wrong from the painful interaction with the server.. Me: What are the cuts of beef in the burger? She: Angus. Me: That is a type of cow. I am more interested in the parts of the cow that the meat comes from so that I can order my burger cooked to a temperature that is most appropriate. Can you please go check? She: *huff* Me: Am not trying to be a pain; I am trying to order the burger correctly so that I can properly review it. I assumed that she was new or fussy or just plain bad at her job. I failed to take this as an omen. The other clue was that the restaurant was all but empty in the middle of the bustling St. Mark's Square. Postrio was Italian slang for "crappy food and service." The beef was flavorful and beefy. Sadly, it was over-cooked and rubbery. The burger patty had the shape and texture of a fist. Beyond that, the burger was peppered with connective tissue. The burger's exterior tasted like an oniony salt. It was as if it had been dusted with cheap onion soup mix. The bun was stale and dry...really dry and stale. The bun was burned to the point of tasting like carbon. The bottom of the bun had black grill marks, which imparted a nasty bitterness directly to the tongue. The kitchen at Postrio phoned it in and subsequently dropped the ball. After I sent my meal back, there was no offer for a refire or a make-good of any sort. Apparently, that was their best effort. The manager, Luckas, agreed that the bun was burned and stale and that the burger was rubbery. I sent my plate back after a scant 3 bites.My son got through a third of his before he gave up due to the strong flavor of char. I was granted the "friends and family discount." Postrio only charged me $37 for that shameful mess. Jerks! Front and back of house were a well-oiled machine designed to lighten wallets and deliver awful food. Postrio earned the title of worst burger in Las Vegas. On the day that I visited, the quality of the burger and service was excremental, and that was being generous.
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This was the best service we received in Vegas! The oysters were amazing and so was the pizza. We got the one sopressata, goat cheese and chili and the one with meatballs (which sounds weird, but was really good).
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First off, I must say that the steak in this restaurant is one of the finest I've ever tasted. The portions were a bit small, but I savored every bite. The desserts were also exceptional. Servers came only once throughout the meal to check on myself and my party members. The person who brings water hit the table a few times, but did not tell us that they would be charging $9 a bottle for water. This seems like somewhat dishonest service, as we did not order special water of any kind. Sadly, the fact that the meal was sublime does not make up completely for the dishonesty and poor service.
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excellent "outdoor" eatery in the canal shoppes....eclectic californian menu...great food, excellent service
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