Beginner at slots

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ryanmhoward3030 posted this 01 June 2018

 Hello my name is Ryan and I am a beginner slots in the casino and I am interested in tips on winning and what machines to play. Any comments would gratefully help thank you !  I will be playing in Biloxi and trying out the hard rock and scarlet pearl and I am excited 🎼!

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URCale posted this 08 June 2018

Hi Ryan! Welcome to the forum. Best tip is use your players card, that tracks your play so the casino can start sending you offer for freeplay, comp rooms, promotions etc. 

Next up is to find a machine you enjoy! It'll have a section to view the pay tables either printed on the machine or in the menu on the touch screen, study those pay tables and learn what you're looking for and what pays out the best! 


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