Bookings through this site?

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King posted this 06 August 2018

Hey guys, 


My offers image was approved and I just put in a request for a new cruise later this year. 

Has anyone else gone and completed any bookings through here? How do we know how much the cost of the cruise is? There isn't much info on the offers like a T&C. Any insight from anyone who has actually booked a trip through this website is appreciated.

URCale posted this 06 August 2018

Hi King! Looks like your host Tyler already reached out to you on getting this booked. 

For anyone else wondering: after you submit a Trip Request your personal host will reach out to ask for any missing information like guest names/birthdates and your preferred sailing dates. 

Once they know when and who is going your host will get you pricing (if any) for your cruise such as deposits/taxes/fees that may be required to get it booked. These vary based on cruise line, sail dates, offer you selected, and the level of player you are at the casino. 

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