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URComped posted this 21 February 2019

MSC vs. NCL. Thoughts?

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recagle posted this 21 February 2019

Have not been on either one waiting for a comp offer, then I can tell you.  Thanks for this forum.

jeneanelhill posted this 22 February 2019

The service and food are much better on NCL. I also love the casino comps and promotional cruises on NCL.

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craigh posted this 22 February 2019

Never cruised with MSC but have many times on NCL. Only good experiences with them. I don't think URCOMPED has a relationship with NCL? Casino at Sea has been generous with us for comped mini-suites which we usually upgrade to suite. They've been much better than Royal Caribbean in that regard. We have only cruised RC a few times. 

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Jude posted this 22 February 2019

I love them both - but I like MSC a little more.

NCL is a good-old "American" cruise experience.  And it's all good.

MSC is MUCH more continental in its passengers and ambience.  Many more international passengers speaking many languages, less emphasis on food, more reasonably priced shore excursions.  Announcements made in 3 or 4 languages.  Yacht Club FAR better than NCL's Haven.  Kids on MSC seem much more disciplined.

All this is my personal opinion, of course.  If prices were the same, I'd pick MSC - but I like the international experience.  A lot of U.S. cruisers do not.

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debclark28 posted this 23 February 2019

MSC Seaside is a beautiful ship.  I’ve been twice however the first time staff and passengers were very rude.   I chocked it up to it being a New ship and crew and new to the US.   Did not have a good time.   I decided to give it a second try and had a better time.   Most of staff was very pleasant and fun.   Many of the passengers from other countries were very rude and would walk right in front of us as if we weren’t there instead of being considerate and waiting their turn.   I wouldn’t Be in a hurry to go back on MSC.   I have cruised NCL many times.   I prefer the smaller ships but I’ve met many great people on NCL   Crew is very friendly and accommodating.   I do feel NCL drink package is pricing way to high now.   Last cruise we paid over $700 for the alcohol package for a one week cruise.   MSC alcohol packages are a little confusing with basic, aurora, classic and many other names of packages.  Just make it simple!   Comparing MSC to NCL,  I Always have a great time on the NCL.

pat08759 posted this 26 February 2019

NCL has better casino at sea promos

CRAustin posted this 27 February 2019

I have sailed NCL 23x in 8 years, many ships, itineraries both Haven, Suites and mini-suites. I have sailed Divina and Seaside 2x each Yacht Club. There are pluses and minuses for both. What stands out is NCL staff is far better trained, the Haven Butler is more available and provides more service than MSC. Bar staff and drinks on NCL are far superior, on MSC the pool attendant will fill in and make your drink and the bar staff is poorly trained. Yacht Club staff is trained in a European approach. What does MSC do better can only speak to YC better embarkation experience, enhanced all inclusive YC bottled water mini bar, pool deck on YC is superior with food offerings and bar being on same level with multiple servers. MSC superior coffee service, better pizza.  Spas hands down NCL far superior thermal area. No W2s on MSC in casino for Americans big plus. Seaside casino too small and smokey. Divina casino is much better and comparable to NCL. I will continue to cruise both. Leave in a week in an Owners Suite on the Dawn!!

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dr.ryan posted this 20 March 2019

I have not sailed with NCL's to URComped starting a relationship with them!!

syedj786 posted this 22 March 2019

We love NCL, always get comped balcony rooms for whatever cruise we want. Food is good and staff is happy. That’s why we haven’t booked anything on urcomped yet, all they want to give me is an inside room, boo! 

Legendmatt posted this 27 March 2019

Ur comped witll try to get you a  balcony if u get one on other cruise lines.  My host did..

Kawarthacottage49 posted this 27 March 2019

Casinos at sea with NCL, the fees are ridiculous. Booked a free cruise and was charged an administration fee of $300 per person plus port charges. Most 7 day cruises in an inside cabin start at $600 so where is the free room?

ncmugs posted this 08 August 2019

 MSC does not have Craps tables, and, IMHO, the the Casinos on NCL are more fun.

4fun posted this 28 August 2019

You can likely upgrade that inside room later for a nominal price.