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Slot Machine Description

Keno is a game where you pick a certain number of numbers between 1 and 80 after which 20 numbers are drawn. You win if a certain number of your picked numbers are chosen. The more numbers you pick, the greater amount you can win. Just like in slots, Keno comes in a variety of variations to make it more interesting and fun! In Four Card Caveman Keno, you can play four cards at once and can choose different numbers for each card if you choose. For each card, 3 additional numbers which are not your chosen numbers are drawn as "Egg" numbers. If two of your Egg numbers are drawn, any win for that card is multiplied by 4 and if all three Egg numbers are drawn, your win is multiplied by 10!

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This casino is one of my favorites in Arizona. The casino is clean and the machines payout generously. Multiple jackpots can be seen at any given time if you take a lap around the gaming floor. One odd thing about this casino is their limited choices for Keno. They have Caveman Keno, Explosion Keno, and Four Card Power Keno. That's it, no other Keno variations are offered. Hopefully that will change someday. That being said, I have landed a few handpays playing Caveman Keno at this location. There is no resort at this casino yet. There are plans to build one but they have not broken ground as of yet.
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