URComped's mission is to help casino players discover, create and share new VIP experiences.
The original idea for URComped came when Craig worked as Executive Casino Host onboard a cruise ship. On every cruise, there would be players that were cruising for free, or were “comped”, as guests of the casino. These players were cruising for free because they had “proven themselves” by playing a significant amount in the casino on a previous trip with that company.

This problem Craig saw was that on every cruise there were players that were gambling even more than the "comped" guests, but were paying full price for their vacations. Those players deserved to be comped, but because there was no way to prove ahead of time that they were players, they were stuck paying full price.

Craig couldn’t help but think about how many players would take a cruise (or visit a casino in the Caribbean or stay at a different spot in Las Vegas) if they received a comp offer upfront instead of having to pay full price for that first trip.

Craig’s goal in life became to create a service that would “pre-qualify” casino players from around the world and let them enjoy exciting new experiences via upfront comp offers.

In 2013, Craig met Cale Sherry, a brilliant software developer, and URComped was born. Cale built a simple website and Craig started cold-calling casinos to get offers. Since those humble beginnings of getting hung up on by casino managers and high-fives if one person visited the site, URComped now has tens of thousands of members and a partner network of over 50 of the top casinos and cruise lines in the world.

URComped is now much more than just a place to find new comps. We encourage players to celebrate and share their casino experiences with other like-minded people in the URComped community. Whether it’s a slot jackpot video from your local casino or a review of the suite from your recent Vegas trip, URComped is the place to share those experiences. If you are planning your next casino adventure, URComped is the place to discover ideas and learn from the experiences of players just like you. And when you are ready to book your next casino experience, the URComped team will be your VIP host making sure that every detail is taken care of and that you receive all the comps you deserve.
Management Team

Craig Shacklett
Cale Sherry
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