URComped's mission is to help casino players discover, create and share new VIP experiences.
The idea for URComped came when Craig Shacklett (CEO) worked as a casino host on a cruise ship. On EVERY sailing, Craig would meet two types of players:

First, were the players that were TRAPPED by their COMP offers. They DREAMED of trying different cruise lines, but they ended up sailing with the same company on the same ships on the same old comp offers over and over and over again…

Why? Because they were already getting COMPED and the thought of paying FULL RETAIL price to try a different cruise line was PAINFUL. Plus paying for a cruise cuts into the gambling budget, so they just kept cruising with the same line, over and over and over again....

The second type of players Craig met every cruise were folks that came on the cruise and gambled as much or MORE than the comp players, but they had no easy way to PROVE that they were comp-worthy players before their trip, so instead of sailing on a COMP offer like they DESERVED, they were stuck paying full price!

The problem for players is that casinos do not share play information with other companies, so players are STUCK only receiving comp offers from the companies they have played with before. But Craig recognized that the value of a casino offer is directly correlated to the level of the player (i.e. a player receiving a COMP suite offer and $500 probably gambles more than someone with an offer for $5 off buffet).

The offers a player already received held the key to unlocking NEW offers for that player

With the mission of helping players easily qualify themselves and enjoy NEW comp experiences at the finest casinos and cruise lines in the world, Craig partnered with Cale Sherry (tech wizard and URComped CTO) to make this vision a reality.

URComped started in 2014 as a simple website for people to share jackpots while Craig cold-called casinos to get offers to put on our site. Since those humble beginnings of getting hung up on by casino managers and high-fives if one person visited the site, URComped now has tens of thousands of members and partnerships with the top casinos and cruise lines in the world.

Our growing URComped team is fanatical about delivering amazing customer service and making it as easy and enjoyable as possible for URComped members to enjoy new COMP experiences around the world.
Management Team

Craig Shacklett
Cale Sherry
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