What is a House Customer?

URComped has contracts with our cruise line partners in order to help bring them NEW players.

A new player is somebody that has never been on a specific cruise line, or at least, never gambled on that cruise line before.

An inactive player is someone who has sailed on a specific cruiseline but has not sailed with them in a certain period of time (typically 12 months).

New players or Inactive players can both be introduced or reintroduced to a cruiseline through URComped. (Once they have booked with a cruise line through URComped, that player will always be coded to URComped when booking with that cruise line, even if they book directly through the cruise line and not URComped.)

An Active player or House Customer is somebody that HAS sailed on a cruise line in the last 12 months (period of time depends on the cruise line). 

URComped can not book Active Players or House Customers, because that player is not NEW to our Cruise line partner. The Cruise line already has a relationship with that player (House Customer) and has that player in their system, so they don't want to have a middleman that they have to pay. 

Players that are Active / House Customers will have to keep booking direct, until the 12 month window expires (period of time depends on the cruise line). If you cruised a month ago, we can book you on a cruise 11 months from now with that cruise line, because that is when you will be considered an Inactive or not a House Customer with the cruise line. So active really refers to the booking channel. As long as we introduce you, or reintroduce you after a period of time, we can keep booking you with that cruise line.

BUT If you want to try out a new cruise line, we have many options for you, that we can get you on!