How do you know who your URComped host is?

How do you know who your URComped host is if you've just signed up, and you haven't actually booked the trip? Everybody that signs up with URComped is assigned a host. Usually, you wouldn't really start interacting with the host until you request a trip.

You can view who your host is under My Profile> Meet My Host 

So the process is you sign up, you upload pictures of your offers, and you see what offers we're promoting for you. Once you request or claim an offer, it goes to the host, and they'll reach out to you to get any information that we need to book the trip. Now if you've signed up and have a question, you can reply to any of the emails we send (weekly emails with the offers) and your reply will automatically be sent to your host. You can also text a question to your host at 972-788-1785 or email