Do we upload new offers every time we get them from the casino?


If you've already sailed with URComped, then you don't need to upload new offers.

If it's been a while since you sailed with us (back in 2017), and the cruise line/ casino we're working with wants some kind of fresh data, we may ask for it then.

But, if you sailed recently with us, then all your offers going forward are going to be based on your play with URComped. So unless we ask for it, then you wouldn't have to keep uploading new offers.

If you haven't sailed with us yet, and you've uploaded offers that are verified, you shouldn't have to keep uploading offers unless something changes in a big way. For example, you uploaded land based casino offers and now you've gotten the invite to a cruise certificate event- You should upload that! Otherwise, you wouldn't need to continually upload new offers.