Can a cruise be booked for one passenger or is a second one needed?

You can book for one passenger! Any comp that we show is for two, but if you qualify for it and want to sail solo, that's totally fine. All of our offers are based on double occupancy. For pricing, please claim the offer you are interested in and your bid will show you the breakdown in pricing for cruise fare per person as well as any associated port fees and taxes. If you decide to sail solo, you will pay both fares as though two guests are sailing but only port fees and taxes for yourself. If your cabin is fully comped. you will just pay port fees and taxes for yourself to secure your cabin.

If you are on the fence about having a guest or not- If you don't have a guest right now and think you'll have one- then it's a good idea to book and put a placeholder name in for your second guest. You do this so that when you get closer to the sail date, and the ship fills up (there's a Coast Guard mandated limit), if you want to have a guest you've already got that place holder. If you registered single and then you want to add a second person, but the ship is already over that limit, you may not be able to. If you're just you're planning on finding another adult guest, you pick anybody, and we'll swap it out later.