How long will it take for a host to get back to me?

We strive to get back as fast as possible. Our core values are A.C.T.S. A is for Access, C is for convenience, T is trust and transparency and S is for speed and special service. We're very focused, getting back to people as fast as possible. In periods of super high demand, response times maybe a little bit delayed. On average within one business day, you should get a response. But again, if hosts are slammed- it maybe two to three business days. Most people who have used URComped have commented that our team is generally very responsive.

Also, depending on when the cruise line gets back to your host will affect when your host can get back to you with certain information. If you're a new member with URComped, We have to send information over in order to get your comp approved. A lot of times your host is waiting on the cruise line. If you have ever booked something with us at a Caribbean casino just be prepared, because they're on Island time.